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The Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce is committed to continuously promoting and fostering business alliances and being an advocate for all businesses to provide a positive business climate as an integral part of a healthy community; we are dedicated to serving as a primary resource for local businesses in the Mountain Communities; the Chamber's goal is to provide opportunities for the economic success of our members and provide benefit the Mountain Communities.


The Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce seeks to promote the tourism of the Mountain Communities as an economic advantage for all our residents, to promote support for those visitors who make this area their destination of choice, to encourage outdoor activities in the natural beauty of the forest resources around us, to actively protect and preserve the natural habitat for ourselves and future generations and to develop the arts for the benefit of all.



The Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce holds public meetings the last Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at Cuddy Hall, 335 Lakewood Place in Lake of the Woods.

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Stacey Havener, President

Stacey has been a resident of the mountain communities for 11 years now. After moving here she sort of ¬“fell¬” into the real estate industry, eventually getting her broker¬’s license and starting her own company with, her husband, Milton Hudson. This past spring they added to their real estate services by purchasing All Seasons Realty and Property Management. Like many other volunteers, she has met ¬“along the way¬”, she appears to be heading down the path of ¬“career volunteer¬”. She got involved with the Frazier Mountain Junior Falcons a few years back when her son played football and, even though, he is now in high school, she still dedicates time to helping that organization. She most recently became involved with the Mountain Shakespeare Festival in 2007 when she auditioned for ¬“As You Like It¬” and has since performed in their annual plays each July. As the chamber president, she sees it as the perfect marriage of her business life and creative life. She looks forward to helping our mountain town grow through her efforts in the business community, arts community and through her volunteer work. Her first step in doing so, is to meet every member (and potential member) of the chamber in person. So, please feel free to contact her if she hasn¬’t already stopped by to meet you!

Peter Carroll, 1st Vice President

Peter Carroll is a native of New Hampshire who relocated to California after graduating from college in 1979. "I enjoyed life as a professional motorcycle road racer for a period of approximately 10 years while residing in Costa Mesa California. I worked part-time as a service advisor for Champion Motorcycles, a multi-lined franchise dealer in Costa Mesa during my racing career and worked full time as service manager when I was not racing. I met the woman of my dreams in 1992, asked her to be my partner in 1993 and relocated to Lebec, the gateway of the mountain community. I went to work for Hang Time Motorcycles as general manager in 1993 and purchased the business two years later."

"Hang Time Motorcycles has been in business for over 10 years, and I have witnessed many businesses fail here on the hill. Trying to succeed in a small community while trying to stay competitive with business off the hill is not an easy task. It takes a cooperative effort between businesses, governmental agencies and requires a loyal customer base that is willing to help mountain businesses succeed."

"It is my vision to put a collaborative effort toward events and tourism involving mountain businesses who wish to help each other succeed in their dreams to live and work in the mountains."



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