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Be an Advocate For Cats!

Ah, cats. Never have cats garnered more attention than in the age of social media. The hilarious antics of these cuddly fur balls are the subject of countless photos, videos and memes. Show us someone who claims they haven't laughed at a cat on social media, and we'll show you someone who has never used social media!

Mafia Cats But there is hidden dark side behind all of those adorable cats: they have owners who cared enough to chronicle them, while millions of cats do not. According to the Humane Society of the United States, an estimated 3.4 million cats enter U.S. shelters every year. Of those, 41% will be euthanized.

While there are no simple solutions, there are some things that people, as cat lovers, can do to help to save cat lives.

If you own a cat, keep your cat indoors. An indoor cat is a safe cat. He will not become prey for other wildlife such as coyotes (no, your cat cannot outrun a coyote!), and it cannot be a nuisance to your neighbors by defecating in their flower beds.

If you have a cat that absolutely, positively will not be contained, make sure you keep visible identification on him such as a collar and a tag. Many people see a cat without a collar as a stray, unowned cat. Placing a collar on your cat with an identifying tag will send the message that your cat is an owned and loved cat. It will also allow your neighbors to speak to you directly if he's become a nuisance, instead of toting him off to a shelter.

Microchip your cat and register the chip with the manufacturer. If your cat loses his collar, that microchip will still be implanted and will provide a means for the shelter to contact you if your cat is impounded.

If your cat is missing, look for him in your local shelter. You often hear people say, "I think my cat just ran off and died." Over 90,000 cats are impounded annually in the Los Angeles area alone. Of those, a paltry 1% are returned to their owner. It's sad to think how many of the owners of the other 99% never even looked for their pet because they assumed that he or she "ran off and died."

Spay or neuter your cat. Repeat: spay or neuter your cat! Unless you have a purebred, champion exotic cat of some sort, you do not need to breed your cat. That includes the stray you have been feeding on your porch for several months or years. The best way to never have to worry about another litter of unwanted cats is to spay and neuter. Many communities have resources that provide low cost spay/neuter for cats: hundreds of thousands of dollars are being provided to non-profit groups to fix your cat for you for little to no cost.

Even if you want a kitten, spay or neuter your cat. U.S. shelters are inundated every year with kittens needing homes, which brings us to our final step in helping save cats lives.

If you decide to add a new cat to your family, adopt from a shelter or rescue. Many shelters have promotions for cat adoptions that reduce the adoption fee, or waive the adoption fee altogether. However, even if there is an adoption fee, the fee usually covers spaying or neutering, a round of vaccines, and sometimes even a microchip. And it has the added benefit of saving the life of your new family member which frees up a cage for the next cat looking for a home.

No matter where you live, by taking these small steps as a cat owner, you are being an advocate for cats by helping to save the lives of cats. Not to mention, you may even make Grumpy Cat smirk with pride.

Candace Huskey


Shelter on the Hill continues to strive to meet the needs identified by residents nearly 20 years ago: to RESCUE companion animals from the dangers of the street, REUNITE lost pets with their loved ones, and REHOME adoptable animals to a new and loving family.

Mission Statement

Shelter Sign Shelter on the Hill: A Humane Society, (SOTH), is a private, non-profit, donor supported, organization whose purpose is to operate a haven to rescue, reunite and re-home lost and abandoned companion animals in the Frazier Mountain area of California. Shelter Building Dedicated to promoting humane treatment and quality of life, SOTH accepts all animals in need of care, provides appropriate medical and behavioral intervention, rehabilitation, socialization, and adoption efforts to save the lives of as many adoptable animals and remains committed to the welfare of these animals beyond the adoption process to the extent of its resources - and offers community support through a myriad of services including but not limited to, lost and found, sheltering, adoption, foster care, behavior and training, humane education, pet assistance for people in need, and inter-agency networking.

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