Shelter on the Hill: A Humane Society

President's Message

Summer's here, school's out and more opportunities for kids and dogs to interact and perhaps the time to bring a new dog into your home Dog/kid interactions can be can be rewarding and great life lessons. But it takes rules and boundaries to keep both kids and dogs safe especially children under ten and toddler types. When you first bring a new dog into your home create a kid-free zone for the first few days. Use a crate or partition an area or a room with a portable gate.

When the novelty of the new dog has subsided and both kids and dog seen comfortable, move the dog's safe place into the same play area with the kids about five feet apart with the dog on a short leash. And take the kids on your walks - but keep the atmosphere calm - no running or screaming or goofing around.

Ground Rules For Kids
No Grabbing
No Chasing the Dog
No Hugging
No Wrestling
No Toy Taking
No Tugging
No Cornering

And there are also Ground Rules for Dogs:

Ground Rules For Dogs
No Grabbing Arms or Clothes
No Jumping or Sitting On Kids

Believe it or not, many dogs do not like to be hugged and kissed. It's an invasion of their personal space and causes stress. Dogs may use body language to show their discomfort and any one of them means the dog is stressed and needs to be removed from the situation.

Uncomfortable Dog
Avoiding Kids
Lip Licking
Moving Slowly
Eyes Darting

Slow introductions, consistent monitoring and teaching both dog and child to respect each others space will help to prevent problems and pave the way for a healthy relationship. Doing it the right way will set up everyone for success!

Candace Huskey, President