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Rosen Family at Xmas 2000

A Little Bit About Us....

Barbara and Scott Rosen and operate Frazier Mountain Internet Service. Along with our 9 year old daughter, Valerie, we live in the beautiful town of Pine Mountain Club, and enjoy a great panoramic view of PMC:

South Facing View from Rosen House

If you'd like to see the current view from our house, here's the view from our webcam:

Current View from PMC Mt. Abel Webcam

Picture is Copyright 2016 by Frazier Mountain Internet Service

Barbara and Scott moved up to Pine Mountain Club in April 1989. At the time, both of us had worked for Security Pacific Bank for too many years (16 years for Scott and 11 years for Barbara). We commuted to the Los Angeles area for the first three years that we lived up here.

In May 1991, we were blessed with the birth of Valerie:

Valerie in January 2000

In 1991, Barbara and Scott both took their Golden Parachutes and left Security Pacific Bank. Scott wrote a Multiple Listing program, and we started our first business, "Mountain Multiples". Mountain Multiples provided MLS services to all of the Real Estate brokers on the hill. We continued to operate Mountain Multiples until January 2000, when we decided that we were better off concentrating our efforts on our Frazier Mountain Internet Service business.

In 1995, Barbara and Scott started Frazier Mountain Internet Service. This business has been vastly more successful than we could have ever imagined.

Valerie is an incredible little girl. She does extremely well in school ('A' Honor Roll), is a very talented dancer, and an extremely good horseback rider as well. Last June, she was in 5 dances in Janis' School of Dance's dance recital:

Valerie's Tap 2000 DanceValerie's Competition Team 2000 DanceValerie's Conga Semi with Kelly Core

Valerie's Jazz 2000 DanceValerie's 2000 Ballet number

In December 1999, we purchased our 1st horse, Uno. Uno is a Red Roan Tovero Paint Quarterhorse. He's 7 years old now:

Uno and Valerie

And finally, there's Niki.She's our 6year old Newfoundland. She's a great dog, even though she slobbers a lot.

Here's a few more Rosen Family Pictures:

Valerie and Barbara in Yosemite

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