CCD Image of M51 a Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici

Image of M51 in Canes Venatici using AO

(AO is an abbreviation for Active Optics)

Benoit Schillings and I finally got the AO prototype into operation
for the first time in 1997 ( bad weather! ) and this images is from
the June 6 New Moon festivities at my place near Frazier Mtn

Sum of two images of 20 min duration
12.5-inch f/9 Ritchey w/ ST-7 (non-ABG), NO filter
Dark Frame = Average of 3 images
Flat Field = Average of 9 images
Unsharp Masked and Stretched
False color rendition

The distorted star images are thought to be
caused by a very bad Al coating. This defect
was not noticed until the AO system was used.
The mirrors are now being recoated

FWHM on the star images is 2.0 arc-seconds

The image below has been run through a modified
Lucy-Richardson Deconvolution Algorithm
It has also been unsharp masked and stretched
after the L-R processing

M51 images at SEDS for comparisons ( until we grab one ):
M51 Images
MORE M51 Images
MORE M51 Images

SBIG will soon have a prototype of a commercial
AO system in field testing

Copyright 1997 Brad D Wallis
This Image may be used for personal, non-profit, or educational uses ONLY
Any other uses are expressly prohibited without the written consent of Brad D Wallis

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