Presented here is a selection of the latest images produced over the past months by
Brad Wallis and Robert Provin.

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What are these things ?

Photographic Images

12.5-in Ritchey-Chretien using 35mm Format::** COLOR**:::NEW 9/97

AstroPhysics EDF using 4x5 inch format TechPan with 4 degree field .

Notes on Large Format Photography

AstroPhysics EDF using 35mm format -- Black and White

AstroPhysics EDF using 35mm format -- Color .

CCD Images

CCD Images --> 4-in f/6 and 6-in f/7.5 EDF APO

CCD Images -- 12.5-in Ritchey at f/5.85

* NEW (6/97) * CCD Images using AO -- 12.5-in Ritchey at f/9

CCD Images --->> TRI-COLOR work


Comet Wild 2 in 1997


A revolutionary new technology by Benoit Schillings and Brad Wallis that dramatically
improves resolution in long exposure imaging!

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