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All Proceeds Donated to
and FMHS
Rodeo Team

$8.00 Per Event
$20.00 For 3 Events
$35.00 For 5 Events

Spectators $5.00
Children under
10 are Free

Donations to FMHS FFA Welcome!

Fun for
the entire family!

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Hosted by Sweet Iron Colt Company
at Tejon Ranch
August 9, 2003
Practice and Warm Up 8:00am - 9:30am
Registration 8:00am - 9:30 am
1st Event Starts at 10:00 am



Christy Cregut of Critter Country Pony Rides and Animal Rescue (FFA Member Jake Cregut's mom) has offered to bring her pony ride attraction to our event.

She has 6 ponies and 5 attendants, usually charges $4.00 per ride, for our event she will be charging $3.00 per ride and will be donating $1.00 of each ride to the FFA & Rodeo Team.

Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Obstacle Course
Steer Daubing, Breakaway Roping

Trophies for 1st Place, Ribbons Awarded 2nd - 6th Place

Trophy for Over All Champion in "No Need for Speed" Barrels,
Poles, Obstacle Course
Headstall with Silver Concho for Over All
Champion in "Get Up And Go" Barrels, Poles, Obstacle Course
Headstall with Silver Concho for Over All Champion in "Roping"
Breakaway Roping, Steer Daubing

Additional Information and Rules:

Competition Open To Amateur Locals Only
Two Classes, Get Up and Go and No Need For Speed
Speed Events Open To All Ages
Must have Roping Experience to Enter Cattle Classes and be at least 14 years of age
Entries Limited To The First 30 Participants
Pre-Registration Closes By Phone/Mail On August 5, 2003
Proper Western Attire (Short Sleeves Okay)
You Must Enter All 3 Speed Events In The Same Class To Qualify For The Overall Speed Champion
You Must Enter Both Cattle Events to Qualify for the Overall Roping Champion
You May Only Enter An Event 1 Time
A Broken Pattern is a *No Time* The Decision of The Judge is Final
You May Have Assistance Into The Arena With Your Horse
You Must Be Mounted And Ready to Enter The Arena When Your Name Is Called...
90 Second Rule Applies
All Riders Under Age 8 MUST Wear A Helmet
3 Stop Watch Timers - Middle Time Is Score
Animal Abuse Will NOT be Tolerated
Please Leave Your Dogs at Home
Bring Lawn Chairs

"Photos Now" Will Be On Site Taking
High Quality Photos and Portraits
Processed On Site Within Minutes

For More Information and Pre-Registration Call
Sunnie Rose 661-245-9653
or email