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Technology is a tool for education to support learners in solving problems, developing critical thinking skills, communicating ideas, and working together in group projects. Technology helps students become active, independent, lifelong learners.

Computer Lab

Frazier Park School opened the computer lab in September 1996. At that time it contained eighteen 486 computers with 14” color monitors. The computers were networked and connected to the Internet. An ISDN line was installed in October. Since that time, the lab has been upgraded several times through donations, PTSO purchases, School Site Council purchases and donations from Lockheed Martin. This summer, 2008, the California Education Technology K-12 Voucher Program allowed the district to purchase Dell Optiplex dual core computers with Windows XP.

Professional. Site licenses have been purchased for the following programs: Compton’s Encyclopedia, Oregon Trail, Bailey’s Bookhouse, Sammy’s Science House, Mathblaster, KidWorks II, Amy’s Games Software, Animated Typing, KidPix Studio, Essential Skills for Spelling, Grammar, Phonics, First Words for English Language learners, and Reading Comprehension. Site licensing for Accelerated Reading (one of the most popular and successful reading software of all time) and Star Reading help build a culture of reading throughout our school and make reading practice more effective for students. Additional software can be used in the lab on a checkout basis.

Each student can be assigned a logon user ID which enables each student to develop his or her own electronic portfolio. Future plans for the computer lab include obtaining more site licenses for educational software programs and continuing to upgrade the computers.

The students are very excited about using the computers in the lab and have already obtained a tremendous amount of knowledge. The educational payoffs are immense and are integrated in all areas of the curriculum. Computer technology greatly enhances students’ competency in language arts, math, science and social studies. The students at Frazier Park School are becoming comfortable in the information age.

Thanks to our Internet provider, Frazier Mountain Internet Service, for the support and design of these web pages and for carrying them on the Internet for us.

Webmaster  Sandy Carter