The Franklin Institute Science Museum
This is a great, informative science site fit for all ages.

National  Geographic For Kids
They crammed the whole world (well, sort of) into one Web site. Itís just waiting for you, and thereís always something new to check out. So dig in! Look around! Explore!

Kids Science
A science and nature guide for kids.

Bill Nye --The Science Guy
You will find guides of each Bill Nye episode and lots of science information and links.

Sea and Sky
A very nice site: great design and layout, good use of graphics, great content, and ease of navigation.

Living Things

Sea World
This site has a great animal information database.

National Aquarium
This site is just full of information on animals: who they are, what the National Aquarium in Baltimore is doing as an organization to protect and preserve their future, and how they do it.

This web document provides a thematic unit for cooperative learning across an integrated curriculum which is an interactive resource for teachers, students and parents.

National Zoo
Another great database. You can do a search within the National Zoo homepage

The Electronic Zoo
From undersea worlds to the pridelands of Africa, if there's a creature you're looking for, the Electronic Zoo's search tool is the pick of the litter. Choose from categories such as invertebrates, wildlife or zoo animals to see a dazzling array of links to the animal kingdom. An award winning site

Zoo In The Wild
Welcome, to the first zoo without bars! The authors believe it is essential to offer a means of getting to know wildlife, and that is what has led them to the idea of a "virtual zoo" - images, sounds and information that opens the fascinating world of nature to the whole family..Do you want to know how to use this site with primary students? The Wild Numbers Lesson challenges students to surf the web to identify the animals they see.

Zoo Net
The place to go when you want to learn about animals.  This site includes many great Zoo links as well as animal pictures.  Look at the Endangered species list and find out what you can do to help.

Polar Regions
Looking for wildlife of the polar regions? Here is a site to learn more about wolves, foxes, penguins, polar bears and more.

Yuckiest Site On The Internet
The Yuckiest Site a place for kids that's enjoyable, safe, and learning friendly.

The Hamster Page
We have a class pet--Taz, the hamster. Here's a collection of hamstery resources to be found on the Internet.

The Bear Den
Here you can learn lots of fascinating information about bears.

The Zoo Books
Check out the virtual zoo and animals online. Children enjoy reading the riddles.  This is a great site to supplement the Zoo Books Magazine.

The Solar System

The Solar System
Welcome to Solar System Live, the interactive Orrery of the Web. You can view the entire Solar System, or just the inner planets (through the orbit of Mars).

Solar System Simulator
Ever wonder what the earth looks like from Jupiter? Nasa and JPL teamed to put this wonderful simulator site together.

The Nine Planets
The Nine Planets is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system.

Mars Pathfinder Site
Lots of information and images.

This site has lots of information about comets and a collection of images.

Hale-Bopp Images
Images of Comet Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp

Space Day 1998
The goal is to inspire the children of the world to reach for the stars. Space Day 1998 will feature some exciting new events, including a live eight-hour Web cybercast from the Mall in Washington, DC. Teachers --Have you given your students a little space lately?

Star Child
Junior astronomers can learn about the Solar System, Universe, and Space Stuff.  Curious young minds can choose between two levels of difficulty. Included is a  glossary to help young astronomers.understand what is out there on any given starry night.


WeatherNet's newly-expanded WeatherCams page provides access to over 700 weather cameras across North America, the largest list on the web! If you want to travel all over the
world to visit live cams, visit Interport Communications. (This site is extremely busy at times)

Frazier Park School Weather Cam

Kids' Snow Page
Snow Science - Snow crystals and how to study them. Snow Activities - Snow scavenger hunt to an ice candle. Snow Art - Cutting six-sided snowflakes to snow paint. Snow Literature - Snow folk tales and poems. Snow Food - Snow ice-cream and an edible glacier. Snow Links - Links to other web sites about snow.

Teaching Weather
This site was put together by the National Weather Service and includes units, guides and resources for K-12 students.


National Wildlife Federation -
You can access photos and full length articles in Ranger Rick, National Wildlife, International Wildlife, and Your Big Backyard. Visit Animal Tracks and National Wildlife Week Teacher Resources.

Explorer's Club
The Environmental Protection Agency has created this web site with lots of fun and interesting things to learn and do.

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