Just For Kids


Crayon: Create Your Own Newspaper
Kids can conjure up their own unique journalistic creation.
Volcano World
A character names Rocky takes kids on an exciting scientific journey sponsered by Nasa's Public Use of Earth and Space program.
Bonus. Com -- The super site for kids.
Bonus features five general subject areas -- Play, Color, Explore, Dissect and Imagine -- each of which points to myriad other places that have either been created specifically for the service or assimilated into its mega-site.
Little Explorer's Dictionary
Little Explorer has created a great picture dictionary with links.
The Electronic Zoo
Washington University in St. Louis has created a website that categorizes and organizes animal-related information on the Internet.This site has received a wide variety of honors and awards and has been featured in many places.
 Sports Illustrated for Kids
Latest news coverage on sporting events -- geared for kids and adults.
Halloween Activities
This is a great site for kids who enjoy the activities surrounding Halloween.
Ultimate Children's Internet Sites
These children's sites are sorted by school ages.

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