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Primary Websites
Are you looking for some educational sites for your kindergarten through third grade student? This web site covers all areas of the curriculum.
First Grade Sites
This site was designed to enhance the curriculum for the students at Frazier Park School.
A second grade teacher at our school authored this site so that students, educators, and parents can enjoy visiting museums around the world.
Math Magic
Welcome to Math Magic on the Web
Berit's Best Site for Children
Berit, Cochran Interactive's Online Librarian hopes you enjoy his list of Best Sites for Children! Each site has been carefully selected, reviewed and given a rating out of 5.
Children's Literature Web Guide
Internet resources related to books for children and young adults.
Cool Sites for Kids
American Library Association's resources for parents and kids.

Discovery Channel School
This site is a great learning resource for kids, parents, and educators.

Fun Learning Just For Kids
Kids, 12 and under learn how to create their own home page, meet other kids their own age, play interactive games, and discover how to use the Internet as a giant library where learning is fun.

White House for Kids
Hi. My name is Socks. I am a member of the Clinton family. I will be your guide to the White House web site.

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