Mrs. Carter's First Grade Class


I found the National Wildlife Federation HomePage in my Ranger Rick Magazine. I brought it to Mrs. Carter . I like to play the Kid's Page games. by Kacie S.

I like the Frazier Park School Homepage because I can see Mr. Lewis and I can see Dr. Suess. I can see my teacher's favorite sites. It is fun to see the Weather Cam. by Ann Elizabeth.

I like Ace Hardware because my Daddy works there. I stop by at Ace Hardware all of the time. by Mary S.

I like Ingedients for a Comet because you can learn what is in a comet. Comets are really big. This game is really fun! By Tyler W.

I like the site that tells about Whales. I think you should visit the site if you like whales. I like whales. By Cynthia

Comets are made out of ice and dust. Comets are cool. I have seen the Hale-Bopp Comet at least five times. Lots of comets hit the moon. The moon has lots of craters because of comets. I like comets. by Logan

I like Funny People Puppets. It is a game. You can make your own puppet. By Rachael G.

What you do on the game is you make a Dalmation Puppet. First you pick the body.Then you pick the eyes. Then you pick the mouth. Last you pick the hair. I like to make puppets. By Jamie

I like The Magic School Bus because I like to play the games on the Magic School Bus. I like Ms. Frizzle because she is funny. By Timothy.

I like the Weather Cam. The weather cam can show you the weather in Frazier Park and other places in California. I saw the San Diego Weather Cam. By Chloe

I like Billy Bear's Playground. I like it because there are fun games to play. I like to learn new things. By Terah.

I worked on the computer. I saw the White House. It is beautiful inside. It was fun to look inside. by Jordan

My favorite thing on the Internet is Dr. Seuss because he has a big hat. His hat is red and white. I like the birthday games. By Chris.

I like Polar Regions because it has penguins. Penguins are cool. I like the rock hoppers because they hop into the water feet first. By Garrett.

I like the Dictionary on the Intemet. I like to look up Allosaurus and learn about him. I like to look up dragons, too. By Danny.

I like the Electronic Zoo. It tells about animals. I learned about snakes. Snakes can eat fast. By Charlie.

My favorite site on the Internet isYuckiest Site on the Internet. It's pretty gross! You can learn about cockroaches and recycling .by Andrew

I Like the Sea World site on the computer. It tells about sharks, whales, penguins and how they live. I really like the shark cam. by Josh

It is fun to listen to the 101 Dalmations on the Disney site. I like to visit this site because I love animals. By Hannah

It is fun to go to Weekly Reader to read about animals and other things.We can learn about animals. It is fun to go to Weekly Reader.We read in a newspaper and then we go to the Internet and go to Weekly Reader.By Cate

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