Animal Alphabet

Mrs. Carter's First Grade Students -- 1998

A is for Alligator by Ben W
B is for Bear By Johnathan
C is for Cat By Katie Sue
D is for Duck By Benjamin P
E is for Eagle By Gregory
F is for Frog By Seth
G is for Giraffe by Briggy
H is for Horse by Megan
I if for Iguana by Jon Paul
J is for Jaguar by Joshua
K is for Kangaroo by Chelsey
L is for Lizard by Rachel
M is for Moose by Valerie
N is for Newfoundland by Valerie and Briggy
O is for Owl By Andy
P is for Polar Bear by Rebecca
Q is for Quail by Chelsey
R is for Rabbit by Brett
S is for Sea Lion by Julia
T is for Tiger by Tom
U is for Unicorn by Karissa
V is for Viper by Rebecca
W is for Whales by Karissa
X is for Extinct By Seth
Y is for Yak by Jon Paul
Z is for Zebra by Lorna

    A  D  E  F  G  J  L  M  N  P  Q  R  T  U  V  Z
The Animal Alphabet project: The students were asked to think about an animal they would like to learn more about. They then went to "Primary Websites" or to "First Grade Sites" and found an image of the animal. They bookmarked the site and claimed the beginning letter of the chosen animal. If someone had already taken that letter, they had to go back to the Internet and find a new animal. Some of the children were able to do more than one animal. The graphics were created using Kid Pix Studio and most of the children linked the first website they had bookmarked. The children chose their backgound, text and link colors, They inserted their own image and wrote the text. They also linked the bookmarked website to their home page. This title home page was also created by the students. As you can see, they love to make things colorful.

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