Shelter on the Hill: A Humane Society


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Our volunteers work hard every day to find great homes for dogs and cats that are unwanted, abandoned, abused, or lost.  SOTH’s mission is to provide to as many pets as possible the opportunity to experience life the way they deserve.  You can smile knowing that every dollar donated truly does make a difference.

Your financial gift helps SOTH house, feed, and love scores of lost and abandoned animals every year. This is in addition to supporting community services of low-cost vaccines, microchip clinics, sponsoring mobile spay/neuter clinics, assisting owners with medical expenses, and providing life-saving medical care to these animals.

One out of every five animals that enters Shelter on the Hill needs specialized care before they can be placed for adoption.  Unlike SOTH, most shelters are unable to afford large vet bills required to treat joint dislocations, bladder stones, URIs, entropion and more. Thanks to the support of friends like you, SOTH can!  Your donations to “Special Treatment and Recovery” (STAR) enable us to say to ‘yes’ to more animals like Annie Mae or Ziggy who required life-saving care and ultimately placing them in their furever homes. Canine basset hound Annie Mae got a fabulous new home after life-saving surgery to remove these bladder stones through the STAR program.

We know what it feels like to fiercely love a pet that gets sick or hurt and needs vet care.  Our hearts go out to those with similar situations who need a helping hand to pay for the vet bills. That is why our “Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender” (PASS) program is so important. It’s designed to provide financial assistance to pet owners when veterinary care becomes a financial burden.  PASS can give pet owners relief to get the help and care needed for the pets they love. When Christina received poodle Cejita, after death of a family member, SOTH helped Cejita get appropriate treatment. The canine was suffering from severe eye infections. PASS helped.

Join SOTH's Silver Paw Society by a recurring, monthly donation and join a small but generous and profoundly dedicated group to provide a consistent and steady flow of financial support for operating a safe, sanitary, and secure haven for homeless animals in our area.